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NEW! The Dryad Quartet Special Edition – 4 books in 1!

A note from the author… In mid-2010, an idea formed in my mind that I could not ignore. It was an idea that consumed my every waking thought for the next two years, and I carved and molded and shaped this concept into what is now The Dryad Quartet. As with every author, I put … Continue reading


New Adult…a new age in genre fiction

We’ve all heard of the Young Adult genre, most recently made popular by books such as Twilight and the Hunger Games. Those books were a bit too adult to be considered children’s books, and yet they were also not crafted with adult readers in mind. Therefore they fell into this strange in-between that has become … Continue reading

NaNoWriMo and one heck of a BIG book…

So yesterday marked the final day of NaNoWriMo 2012, the insane novel writing competition that I was coerced into participating in this year. Okay, it was a completely voluntary act of torture on my part, but I was still somehow talked into doing it and proceeded to spend the entire month of November scrambling to write … Continue reading