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Announcing the #BeNotorious Blog Tour! April 2-23

Announcing the #BeNotorious Blog Tour! April 2-23

Announcing the #BeNotorious Blog Tour! April 2-23 On April 23, I will be releasing the explosive and much anticipated sequel to my award winning family drama novel When Empires Fall! Up until release day, I will be touring various blogs AND doing a massive giveaway! Read below for more details. What is The Vasser Legacy? … Continue reading

How I Let Music Inspire My Writing…

Those of you who have read some of my more recent interviews regarding my newest novel When Empires Fall will have seen my explanation on where my inspiration came for writing it.  It didn’t come from a dream, or from a conversation I had, or from an image I saw…no, my inspiration came from a … Continue reading

The Next Big Thing

Hello everyone! Today I’m participating in an interview tag-a-thon with a few other authors where we answer questions about us and our work and then tag others to do the same! So without further ado, here are the questions, and of course my answers… 1. What is the working title of your book?  When Empires … Continue reading

Introducing the Vasser brothers…;)

I said I’d come back with more teasers for my upcoming family saga novel When Empires Fall, and here I am! To recap, last week I introduced you guys to Madison and Cyrus Vasser, the darkest and most complex characters in the book.  Today, I’m bringing you quotes, promo images, and fun intro trailers to Madison’s two … Continue reading