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FREE at last!!

Happy Friday everyone!! Hope you are enjoying this beautiful first day of June as much as I am 😉 It’s beautiful and sunny here in SoCal, and I can’t wait to get my weekend started! Wanted to announce that for TODAY ONLY…Firefight in Darkness, second of the Dryad Quartet, will be FREE on Amazon! So if … Continue reading


Rumour has it…

I spend a lot of my time (way too much, probably) checking out what other indie authors are up to.  I read their blogs, catch up on their status updates on Facebook, re-tweet their tweets on Twitter, and so forth.  It is all part of this learning curve that is self-publishing.  We are all still … Continue reading

Preparing for KDP Select Days!

On this, the eve of my second KDP promotion, I feel the urge to both impart some wisdom and hopefully receive some.  As all of you indie authors who have taken advantage of Amazon’s KDP program know, they let you promote your ebook for free for five days (separate or together, however you choose to … Continue reading

You gotta love FREE ebooks!!

Alright guys, I’m writing to announce that BREATH OF AIR (first of the Dryad Quartet) will be FREE tomorrow, and for tomorrow only.  Yep, free.  It just doesn’t get much better than free ebooks, right? 😀 “Capri’s story of love and loss draws you in and you can’t put it down.” -S. Pemberton “Breath of … Continue reading