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Have you been branded??

Alright, so this is pretty much a page out of Marketing 101, but I see so many authors out there not follow this very simple yet crucial rule:  YOU MUST HAVE A BRAND. What do I mean by brand?  Well, it actually could refer to a lot of things.  The most important in regards to … Continue reading

Reliving the first draft…

When the glow of accomplishment that comes from typing out those last few words of a novel fades away, the task of first stage editing comes barreling down the to-do list, aimed straight for you.  It can’t be avoided, and the longer you put it off the less you can get accomplished.  After all, the novel isn’t … Continue reading

Stress, chaos, and a tribute!

So I’ve seen this topic flying around on Facebook and blogs lately, and I wonder if there’s just something in the air right now because it feels like EVERYONE is more stressed out than usual!  And I can fully attest to the fact that yes, I am definitely more stressed out than normal this week.  … Continue reading

How do you know you have a bad book cover?

You never get a second chance to make your first impression.  Or, at least, that’s what my dad always told me.  And he may just be a landscaper/businessman, but his advice applies to just about anything.  Think of something, anything, out there that’s being sold.  Be it a Hollywood movie, a stapler, a cell phone, … Continue reading

Creating characters…my favorite part!

I don’t know about you, but pretty much my favorite part of writing is creating the characters for my story.  I just love having the basic concept of a story in mind, and letting characters evolve and find their place, earning personality traits, odd quirks, a unique history…they find themselves settling in beside the other characters, forging … Continue reading