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Reliving the first draft…

When the glow of accomplishment that comes from typing out those last few words of a novel fades away, the task of first stage editing comes barreling down the to-do list, aimed straight for you.  It can’t be avoided, and the longer you put it off the less you can get accomplished.  After all, the novel isn’t … Continue reading

Rumour has it…

I spend a lot of my time (way too much, probably) checking out what other indie authors are up to.  I read their blogs, catch up on their status updates on Facebook, re-tweet their tweets on Twitter, and so forth.  It is all part of this learning curve that is self-publishing.  We are all still … Continue reading

Stress, chaos, and a tribute!

So I’ve seen this topic flying around on Facebook and blogs lately, and I wonder if there’s just something in the air right now because it feels like EVERYONE is more stressed out than usual!  And I can fully attest to the fact that yes, I am definitely more stressed out than normal this week.  … Continue reading

How do you know you have a bad book cover?

You never get a second chance to make your first impression.  Or, at least, that’s what my dad always told me.  And he may just be a landscaper/businessman, but his advice applies to just about anything.  Think of something, anything, out there that’s being sold.  Be it a Hollywood movie, a stapler, a cell phone, … Continue reading

Creating characters…my favorite part!

I don’t know about you, but pretty much my favorite part of writing is creating the characters for my story.  I just love having the basic concept of a story in mind, and letting characters evolve and find their place, earning personality traits, odd quirks, a unique history…they find themselves settling in beside the other characters, forging … Continue reading

Taming the Beast of Self-Belief

There are two modern day authors who I aspire to.  JK Rowling, because she created Harry Potter (and c’mon, who hasn’t read Harry Potter and succumbed to the awesomeness that is the magic world?) and Nora Roberts, who is my biggest hero for her persistence and cleverness alone. Now both of these women are pretty … Continue reading

Writing and fear and singing, oh my!

One of my biggest trepidations when it came to putting both my book and myself out there in order to do this publishing thing was the innate and petrifying fear of rejection.  I mean, everyone goes through it, and it’s simply a part of life.  If you’re ever going to get what you want in … Continue reading