$0.99 Valentine’s Day eBook Sale – THINGS LOST IN THE FIRE by Katie Jennings


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! In celebration of the holiday of romance, my romantic suspense Things Lost In The Fire is on sale for $0.99 from February 13th – February 15th. Here’s what people are saying…

“Holy smokes…as my first Katie Jennings read this book lit up in flames, while I was gasping for air as though in a room full of smoke and my eyes stinging while tears flowed as though ash was falling on my face. This story of Sadie’s life as a child to two musical prodigies has heart, strength, soul, angst, and love.” -Kara with Book Crush Reviews

“Katie Jennings has written a wonderful story that flows so nicely. We became invested in Sadie right at the start at the time of the tragedy, and when she came back to renew friendships, rekindle with family, start her career and fight a dangerous enemy. But most of all, we loved the chemistry between Sadie and Brody, which slowly built up, as they helped each other overcome their own fears. Things Lost in Fire is a wonderful story, with great characters.” -Barb with The Reading Cafe

“Katie Jennings has a knack at developing the heroes of her stories in a way that makes us understand them and in turn fall head over heels for them. Sexy paparazzi Brody is no exception, and I loved feeling out his true character as the story went on, and him coming to terms with his past and discovering that there are things worth fighting for. Bad-boy and trodden-down yet protective of those he cares about, Brody is one of those characters that you root for from the beginning.

Sadie was the perfect match for her childhood friend, and I really loved the glimpses we were given into their friendship from their teenage years. It was heartening to see how he kept her secrets for her, despite knowing that he could make a lot of money giving them away. They were the perfect pair, and Sadie brought out the romantic in Brody, whilst Brody brought out the fun-loving side in Sadie.” -Sorcha with Old Victorian Quill

“The glittering yet harsh Los Angeles setting, the bittersweet memories, and the escalating family and romantic drama will all grip you and refuse to let go. When reading this book you will get a taste of the glories and terrors of what celebrities go through, as well as be steeped in an intense and beautiful love story that is impossible to forget. Watching Sadie come into her own, uncover the dark truth behind her worst memory, and mend bridges she thought had been burnt for good makes for a very satisfying read.” A.R. Meyering, author of Unreal City

TLIFofficialcover copy SMALL

Sadie McRae grew up in the Hollywood Hills, the only daughter of two rock ‘n’ roll legends. When a violent assault on her life ends in a torrid scandal, fifteen-year-old Sadie escapes to the quiet forests of Lake Tahoe.

Unable to resist the music in her blood, she returns to Los Angeles years later and sings under an alias. When her secret is unintentionally exposed by an old friend, journalist-turned-paparazzi Brody Odell, he’ll do anything to make it up to her, including uncovering the truth about the attack from eleven years earlier.

Stardom beckons and the chance at love is within her grasp, but the horrors of her past threaten to tear everything apart. As Sadie fights for the life she deserves, a dangerous stalker begins his game, determined to bring it all to an end.

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