Book Trailer Premiere – “Things Lost In The Fire” a Contemporary Romance by Award-Winning Author Katie Jennings

Check out the book trailer for my upcoming contemporary romance, Things Lost In The Fire! This highly anticipated new release will debut on December 4th, 2014 in eBook and paperback. There is a giveaway for a signed, paperback copy of the book along with a $20 Amazon gift card! You can also pre-order the eBook at a discounted price up until release day!

My amazing friend Alex Meyering recorded the vocals and music for the video, which is a song featured in the story called “All These Flames.” I hope you all enjoy it!

Watch the trailer and learn more about Things Lost In The Fire below.

TLIFofficialcover copy


Sadie McRae grew up in the Hollywood Hills, the only daughter of two rock ‘n’ roll legends. When a violent assault on her life ends in a torrid scandal, fifteen-year-old Sadie escapes to the quiet forests of Lake Tahoe.

Unable to resist the music in her blood, she returns to Los Angeles years later and sings under an alias. When her secret is unintentionally exposed by an old friend, journalist-turned-paparazzi Brody Odell, he’ll do anything to make it up to her, including uncovering the truth about the attack from eleven years earlier.

Stardom beckons and the chance at love is within her grasp, but the horrors of her past threaten to tear everything apart. As Sadie fights for the life she deserves, a dangerous stalker begins his game, determined to bring it all to an end.

Lyrics to “All These Flames”

Written by Katie Jennings, Performed by Alex Meyering

* * *

I thought a heart made of two hearts

Was created to be loved

I thought flesh made of two parts

Had to be loved…

Now I see I lost this game

When all that binds us are these flames

They burn to black every last thing

That I wanted…

Well, forget it, forget me

Just leave me be

I beg you, from this weak and broken heart

How could I ever think that you’d love me?

These tears burn my eyes till they’re gone

They harden the very soul you walked upon

How dare you think I could forgive

All I want now is to live

So forget you, forget me

Just leave me be

I ask you, don’t you see I’m suffering?

How could I ever think that you’d love me?

These flames destroyed us

These flames made us

These flames are all that remain

When the ashes fall, will you remember my name?

* * *

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