Music Is My Inspiration – The Vasser Legacy Playlist

It’s no secret that music is a huge inspiration for me and many other writers. The first thing I do when brainstorming for a new book is break out my iTunes and create a playlist of songs that suit the mood, characters, and genre I’m working on. Sometimes I’ll hear a song and it’ll directly inspire a scene idea or an emotion my hero or heroine should feel. It’s one of the best feelings, as I can re-listen to the song over and over and relive that inspirational moment. I love it!

When I wrote the three books in The Vasser Legacy, I had a pretty extensive playlist of music. There’s so many characters and with three books, there’s plenty of scenes (and romance!) to connect with. With the help of Spotify, I can share my playlist with you! For fans of the Vasser Legacy, see if you can guess which character some of the songs are about 😉

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