SNEAK PEEK: The Vasser Legacy Continues…#BeMoreNotorious

Last week was cause for celebration…I published my ninth book, Rulers of Deception! For fans of The Vasser Legacy series, this should definitely be exciting news. Not only is book one, When Empires Fallnewly revamped and re-released (and on sale for only 99 cents until 5/20!), but the illustrious and dramatic story of the Vasser Hotel Family continues on in book three!

I had my hubby take this dorky shot of me holding ROD because, well, why not. Plus you can see my beautiful bougainvillea in the background! In case you didn’t know, I’m in love with that plant. It’s just so pretty!


Anyway, I thought it would be fun to highlight some of my favorite quotes from the book and share a snippet with you. The snippet is at the end so be sure to keep scrolling! Enjoy!

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Sneak Peek from

Rulers of Deception by Katie Jennings

Book Three in The Vasser Legacy

As night drew its shade over the city, Wyatt stood on the steps of his front porch and sulked. A cigarette hung from his lips, the tip glowing amber in the dying light. Cars and people passed by in the upscale neighborhood, paying no attention to him. He preferred it that way.

With his fedora dipped low over his face, he breathed in smoke and released it in a weary cloud, wishing his troubles could be carried away with it. While the age-old tradition soothed some of the frayed edges, the core of his problems remained.

Two days earlier, the cartel had sent him a direct threat. They knew where he lived, likely knew who his famous wife was, her family. Franco would never waste an opportunity this perfect. No, he was likely drooling at the idea of exacting revenge in the most painful, horrific way possible. Imagining the nightmare looming in the near future had Wyatt’s stomach turning.

He puffed on the cigarette again, lowering his eyes as a few flakes of ash fell onto his four-hundred-dollar shoes. Irritated, he knelt down to brush it off. When he rose, Jimmy was standing at the foot of the stairs.

“How’s it goin’, boss?” Jimmy grinned toothily, tipping his matching fedora in greeting. He started up the steps, only to freeze when Wyatt reacted.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” Wyatt growled, shooting a worried glance over his shoulder to make sure Madison wasn’t there. The last thing he needed was for her to meet Jimmy. “I told you to leave me alone.”

Jimmy laughed, his hands held up apologetically. “Gotcha. Look, I just came by to apologize for everything, ya know? The past and whatnot. I’d still like to be friends. We go way back.”

Wyatt grimaced as he put out his cigarette. Guilt crept into his gut and festered. “I told you before. I’m not the same man I was.”

“You don’t look different, boss.” Jimmy tucked his hands into his jeans pockets and leaned against the stone handrail. “At least not from what I can see.”

“I’ve learned there’s more important things in life than a high stakes game of poker.” Wyatt thought of his boat business, of Madison, and sighed. “The past is in the past for a reason. I want it to stay there.”

“Franco ain’t stayin’ in the past, you know that,” Jimmy pointed out. “He’s after us, mostly you, for what we did. He won’t stop till it’s over.”

Images of Madison’s face and the deadly threat written in blood flashed in Wyatt’s mind. Fear turned to anger and hardened his eyes to steel. “He’ll have to go through me first. I’ll protect my family.”

“Best way to save ‘em is to leave ‘em, if you know what I mean,” Jimmy said with a shrug. “They only got targets on their backs ‘cause of you.” When Wyatt said nothing for a few moments, Jimmy pressed on. “Has anything happened yet?”

Wyatt thought of the letter and photographs Grant received of Quinn, and for the first time wondered if they really were connected. “My brother-in-law got some photos of his wife the other day and a threat to go public with a lie. A second letter came in the mail, addressed to me, written in Spanish. It said, you’re dead.”

Jimmy paled, looking sick to his stomach. “For real?”

Wyatt nodded. He held his friend’s gaze, his expression impossible to read. “Though, I have to ask myself if Franco would really go to the trouble. Seems to me the person with the most to gain here is you.”


“Did you send those letters to make me think it was the cartel so I would give you more money?”

“You give me more credit than I deserve, boss,” Jimmy chuckled, shaking his head. “I don’t need money from you, anyway. I found a guy with cartel connections who’s protectin’ me. He’s a friend of my cousin so he’s doin’ me a favor. Small world, eh?”

Wyatt wondered if there was any truth to the statement. He knew the man had a long history of telling half-truths. But then again, if he wasn’t after money then what was the motive? “So this friend is keeping you safe from Franco’s men?”

“Yep. Got me a nice place to lay low for awhile,” Jimmy replied. He attempted a sad smile. “Look, I really am just here to say sorry, Wyatt. Sorry I stole the coke from Franco that almost got us killed back in Bogotá, and sorry that he’s now out to get the both of us. I feel bad, okay?”

Seeing genuine guilt in Jimmy’s eyes had Wyatt’s anger and distrust cooling. He walked down a few steps and patted his old friend on the shoulder. “All right. Take care of yourself, Jimmy.”

“You too, boss.” Jimmy winked as he stepped back onto the sidewalk. His right hand came up in a casual salute. “Good luck.”

As he turned to leave, he tucked his hands into his pockets again and began to whistle. Wyatt watched him disappear up the street and into the darkness of night.

From the doorway, Madison watched in silence. Fury ate away at her insides, writhing like a deadly viper. Absorbing the truth behind the letters and Wyatt’s lies filled her with an icy need for retribution. He would pay for the lies, and as for the rest…she’d have to sit on the news about the cartel and make her own plans. Protecting her family from Wyatt’s past had now become her top priority.

* * *

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When Empires Fall


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