Special Offer: Get the Update of When Empires Fall!

 When Empires Fall

As you all know, When Empires Fall has undergone a serious update recently. The re-release edition sports a new cover and reads much clearer than the old edition. I’ve petitioned Amazon to offer all customers who purchased the Kindle version of the book the updated version, however they are taking a long time to get it out the door (it might be another month or so!).

So I would like to offer those of you who bought the old Kindle edition of When Empires Fall the updated Kindle edition myself so you can have it in time for the release of book three, Rulers of Deception! (which will be happening VERY soon!).

Just fill out the form below with your name and eMail and I’ll send you the updated Kindle version 🙂 Thank you to everyone who enjoys the series! I hope you love the new edition as much as I do.


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