Cover Reveal for The Vasser Legacy – When Empires Fall & Rulers of Deception

I am so excited to share with you all the brand new cover for When Empires Fall which will be re-releasing this Spring, bigger and better than ever! This new cover signifies the transformation of the book, both inside and out. Here it is!

NEWwefcover2014 small

The Vassers are America’s greatest family, an empire forged in steel and stone, wealth and prestige. They’re in the business of luxury hotels…and murder.

When the truth is exposed through the letters of a dead woman, all hell breaks loose. The family tries to cope with the allegation that what they thought was a decades old suicide was actually the cold-blooded murder of one of their own.

Things only get worse when they realize the killer is still among them.

Enter the newest generation of Vasser heirs:  three siblings now running the Vasser Hotel in New York City, each with their own agenda. Principled and serious Grant; charming playboy Linc; and ruthlessly secretive Madison. They soon discover that swimming in the undercurrents of their own family’s dark past could prove to be disastrous.

Family may be the ties that bind, but When Empires Fall, they are the ties that kill.

* * *

Also coming this Spring, the third installment in the Vasser Legacy series, Rulers of Deception! Here’s the cover:

RODcover small

It’s taken a year to rebuild their empire, but with a thriving merger and its welcomed success, the Vasser Hotel family has risen beyond scandal. But things at the top will never be easy.

The unstable son of their business partner threatens to dissolve the relationship, claiming the Vassers are dangerous. With a twist of fate, a ghost from Wyatt’s past brings death threats from a Colombian drug lord who he’s been running from for nearly ten years.

Meanwhile, a well-respected journalist offers to do an extensive, positive piece on the family, but she may prove more foe than friend. As rumors circulate about Marshall being a killer, mysterious letters and photographs trickle in targeted at the heart of the Vassers. It will either destroy them or have them rising above all to seek the ultimate revenge.

Thank you to my book designers, Blue Harvest Creative, for their consultation on these covers. I don’t know what I’d do without you!

 Vasser Series Banner copy

Join me this Spring for the revamp of the Vasser Legacy series, including the release of  book three, Rulers of Deception.

The family that sins together, stays together.



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