Exciting News For The Vasser Legacy Series!

Blog Banner Vasser rerelease

This Spring, I’ll be re-releasing When Empires Fall as well as releasing the third book in the Vasser Legacy, Rulers of Deception! I’m so excited to share the update of When Empires Fall with you all, which is bigger and better than ever! Plus I hope you’ll enjoy the third in the series!

On March 7th, I’ll be hosting a Cover Reveal Party on Facebook  that I welcome you all to join. I’ll have some fun Vasser trivia and activities, all leading up to the reveal of both book covers (new When Empires Fall and Rulers of Deception) at 1pm PST!

I hope you’ll join me for this exciting re-release and release! 🙂

The Vasser Legacy is a series that focuses on the rise, fall and resurrection of the prestigious Vasser Hotel family. It’s a story filled with deception, passion, murder, and ambition set in glorious Manhattan in New York City.

The series includes:  When Empires Fall, Rise of the Notorious, and Rulers of Deception (coming May 2014).



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