Go Inside The Sparrow House…Is It Haunted? Oh, Yes!

Happy Day-After-Halloween everyone! I hope you all had as spooktacular a day as I did 🙂 I watched the Ghost Adventures two-hour Transylvania special and sipped Hallooweeny cocktails all evening! We’re yet another week closer to release day for So Fell the Sparrow, which you can actually pre-order on Amazon and take advantage of the 30% off discount! This week I want to do something a little more fun and frivolous and delightfully spooky…I’m going to simulate, using animated images, what it’s like to live within The Sparrow House. There are spirits thriving within the very walls there, and skeptic Grace Sullivan has a hard time coming to terms with the fact that her house is haunted. Will you be as skeptical? You’ll only find out by experiencing the house for yourself 😉

So step inside, if you dare, and meet the ghosts who haunt The Sparrow House!

* * *

The Sparrow House sits on a quiet, suburban street in a seaboard town called Mad Rock Harbor, Massachusetts. It has a long, dark history shrouded in a century of mystery…


Grace arrives, grieving and broken, unaware of the horrors that await her.

giphy (4)

The ghosts of the past live on…inside the house itself.


Within the walls…


Desperate to break free…


Desperate to be heard.


It’s enough to turn even the hardest skeptic…into a believer…


In The Sparrow House, innocent spirits are tormented by evil…


Evil that thrives on the energy of the living.


It lurks in the darkness…


It skitters over the floorboards…


And it haunts in dreams…


It’s safe to say that Grace, and the ghost hunters who join her, will never be the same.


If any of them make it out of the house at all…


* * *

Sound spooktacular? I invite you to pre-order on Amazon and take advantage of the 30% off discount, or if you’d like an extended preview of the book check out Gypsy of Spirits, the prequel short story!

Check back here next week for another special preview of the book, featuring a creepy excerpt from one of my favorite scenes!

Until then, over and out!



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