“So Fell the Sparrow” Now Available for Pre-Order on Amazon!

So Fell the Sparrow Cover PRINT copy

We are just over three weeks away from release day of So Fell the Sparrow! I am thrilled to announce that you can pre-order the print edition for 30% off on Amazon! The book releases on November 21st, so snatch it up at the pre-order price while it lasts!

Click HERE to pre-order the book!

SO FELL THE SPARROW by Katie Jennings

After the tragic death of her parents, Dr. Grace Sullivan inherits more than she bargained for. An empty house she’s never heard of, a nosy neighbor, and the restless spirits of a violent, century old murder.

A hard-nosed skeptic, Grace refuses to believe in ghosts despite hearing sounds and seeing things that can’t be explained.

When she unearths antique furniture from the basement, the spirits become agitated and dangerous. Ian Black and Alex Gallagher, a team of ghost hunters, come in to investigate.

Still denying the paranormal events in her home, Grace can’t bring herself to take the ghost hunters or the psychic medium who teams up with them seriously. As Grace struggles with her grief and the feelings she’s developing for headstrong Ian, the disturbing mystery of the house deepens. Now she’ll have to face the unbelievable before the spirits claim her for their own.

* * *

Gypsy of Spirits Cover small

And don’t forget that you can read an extended preview of the book inside Gypsy of Spirits – the prequel short story to So Fell the Sparrow! Download the eBook version on Amazon for only 99 cents! 

* * *

Blog Tour Comp Cover

Also, The Dryad Quartet Special Edition is now enrolled in Amazon’s new Matchbook Program, which means that you get the Kindle edition of the book FREE with purchase of the print! Awesome deal, huh? Check it out HERE!

This is a compilation edition of my bestselling fantasy series The Dryad Quartet! Get all four books (Breath of Air, Firefight in Darkness, A Life Earthbound, and Of Water and Madness) in one exclusive collection! This compilation edition also includes beautiful illustrations and a brand new epilogue scene!

Check back here on Friday for another post of ghostly fun as the countdown to release day continues! 🙂



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