Tools of a Ghost Hunter Part 2


Welcome to part two of my post featuring the various tools and gadgets used to investigate the paranormal! Many of these devices I featured in my upcoming ghostly romance So Fell the Sparrow, which follows a ghost hunting team as they try and rescue a skeptic from the haunting in her home.

Last week I showed you Digital Recorders, Mel Meters, Spirit Boxes, and the Ovilus III device, most of which offer audio evidence of the paranormal. Today, let’s take a look at devices that give us visual evidence of ghosts. If you’re a nerd like me, then you’ll find this fascinating!

REM POD – Creates its own EM field for spirits to draw from and manipulate.

REMpodThe REM Pod is a great little device that helps show visual proof of a spirit’s presence. It will sound off and light up when it detects spikes in the EM field surrounding it. The best part is that you can leave several REM Pods in different locations, focus static camera’s on them, and walk away for the night and capture some incredible evidence.

Check out what this device can do HERE!

You can purchase your own REM pod at this site.

FULL SPECTRUM/ULTRAVIOLET CAMERA – Shows a broader spectrum of light not seen with normal cameras


Full spectrum cameras can, as shown in the image, capture a broader spectrum of light than a normal camera. The theory is that ghosts can manifest in spectrums our regular cameras cannot capture, so using a full spectrum/ultraviolet camera increases the chance of capturing evidence. Watch HERE to see the amazing evidence that has been captured using this kind of camera!

Learn more about full spectrum cameras here.

THERMAL IMAGING CAMERA – Shows variations in temperature 

thermalThermal imaging cameras are a great way to capture apparitions on film. Generally, a cold spot will indicate the presence of a spirit, and while that may not be visible in a mist or orb, it can be visible using a thermal camera. Watch HEREfor a glimpse at what this device is capable of.

I’ve also heard that hot spots are indications of a demonic presence.

Learn more about thermal imaging cameras here.

That’s it for this week! I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about the devices used to hunt ghosts as much as I did writing about them in So Fell the Sparrow! Check back next Friday for another week of ghostly fun! And don’t forget to nab a copy of Gypsy of Spirits for a sneak peek at So Fell the Sparrow!

Over and out!



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