Tools of a Ghost Hunter Part 1


Welcome back to more ghostly shenanigans here on my blog! Today I want to start a two part post where I showcase some of the many tools that ghost hunting teams utilize in the field. I wrote about some of these devices in So Fell the Sparrow and see them used frequently on Ghost Adventures. Some you’ll be familiar with, others you may have never heard of before. So sit back, grab a ghostly cocktail, and enjoy these fun and fascinating investigative devices!

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DIGITAL RECORDER – used to capture EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena)

Digital recorders are a commonplace device in our lives. We use them to make quick verbal notes of important things at the office or at home, and we also use them to record conversations. They are also the most commonly used tool in the ghost hunting world to capture EVPs, or spirit voices. Click HERE to view a great demonstration of a spirit voice captured using a digital recorder.

You can purchase digital recorders from any electronics store.

MEL METER – used to sense changes in the EMF (electromagnetic field) and temperature

mel meter

Mel Meters are fantastic devices that can sense a spirit’s energy by detecting changes in the electromagnetic field and in the ambient temperature of a room. The four lights at the top flash to signal EMF changes, while the digital screen displays both the temperature and the Milligauss reading. Drastic changes in both of these readings could indicate the presence of a spirit.

For more information on Mel Meters check out this site.

SPIRIT BOX SB7 – Uses radio frequencies to provide white noise for spirits to speak through

spirit boxThe Spirit Box is my all time favorite ghost hunting device. The evidence captured using this device is not only chilling, but hauntingly intelligent. What it does is cycle through several radio stations a second to create a blur of white noise for spirits to speak through. Oftentimes, the voices captured are direct responses to questions asked by the investigators and will span many frequencies which rules out interference.

Check out the Spirit Box in action HERE!

OVILUS DEVICE – converts environmental readings into real words

ovilusThe Ovilus device is extremely cool and produces some incredible results. The theory behind it is that intelligent entities can alter and control energy and can manipulate the device to choose words from a set 2,000 word database. When a person asks a question to a spirit, sometimes a one word or multiple word response will emit from the Ovilus.

Here’s a great example of what the Ovilus can do! Click HEREto watch. You can get your own Ovilus III device at this site.


That’s it for this week! Don’t forget you can download Gypsy of Spirits on Amazon for a sneak peek at So Fell the Sparrow. Check back next Friday for part two featuring more devices used by ghost hunting teams!

Until then, over and out!



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