Top Ten Movies With Psychic Mediums

Welcome back to another Friday filled with ghostly shenanigans here on my blog as we countdown to release day for Gypsy of Spirits and So Fell the Sparrow! Today I want to share my top ten favorite movies featuring psychic mediums. Since Gypsy of Spirits is all about my psychic medium character, Jackie, I want to celebrate some other famous fictional psychic mediums from films that helped inspire the book. There are a lot to choose from, but these are my top ten from the movies I’ve researched and loved.

So sit back and enjoy the following clips, it’s about to get scary up in here!



This movie is definitely more fun than it is serious, but I freaking love it anyway. It is styled as real footage from a ghost hunting team and shows what ends up being their final episode. The psychic medium in this film doesn’t play as big of a role, but the movie was just too good to leave off the list so here it is!


No list about psychic mediums could exclude this iconic movie. And Whoopi Goldberg’s character is way too funny to not make this list, so here she is! “Molly, you in danger, girl!”


This is a movie that is all about a psychic medium and his belief that his gift is actually a curse. I’m not a big Matt Damon fan but I trust Clint Eastwood to produce a good film and this one definitely looks intriguing.


Let me just say, this scene speaks for itself. A big part of psychic medium lore is the infamous “ectoplasm” that some mediums claim to create through spiritual encounters. This is by far the BEST movie rendition I’ve seen of this phenomenon. Talk about CREEPY!


The medium in this film is super creepy on her own without the ghosts, if only for her eerie high pitched voice alone. She breaks the news to the parents that their daughter, kidnapped through a portal by ghosts and a demon, is being tricked and held captive.


This movie gets parodied a lot but most people will agree it’s pretty clever and definitely very spooky. A young boy has the gift of seeing the dead, and even though it frightens him, he learns to help those who seek him.


I love, love, love this seance scene from The Changeling. It shows a psychic medium at work, contacting the spirit of a young boy by drawing on pieces of paper and allowing him to influence her to write words. Super freaky!


One of my favorite ghost movies EVER! I was so impressed by this film, as were most ghost fanatics I know. Best of all it’s based on real life ghost hunters Ed and Lorraine Warren. Lorraine is a psychic medium and uses her abilities to try and help the family understand just what is haunting their house.


By the same people who did The Conjuring, Insidious is a brilliant ghost flick. My favorite part about it is that it’s subtle in all the right places and super frightening at others. Parents with a son who is “taken” by a malevolent entity bring in a medium and her ghost hunting assistants to help. The medium in this film uses a gas mask during the seance they perform, which is by far the scariest scene in the film. Unfortunately I couldn’t locate that scene online, but this scene is almost as good and shows her in action. A must see film, plus there’s a sequel coming out in exactly one week! I can’t wait to go see it!


This movie has and always will be my favorite ghost movie. Not just for the brilliant twist but because it’s extremely well acted and well made. A mother and her two children deal with their haunted house, only to have the tables violently turned on them. Check out this fantastic scene where a medium is brought in to communicate with the spirits…it’s disturbing, I must say. And brilliant!


So there’s my top ten movies that feature psychic mediums! There are a lot more out there, so if you can think of any good ones that I missed, feel free to share in the comments! I’m always looking for new movies to watch 🙂

We’re officially two weeks away from release day for Gypsy of Spirits, which is the short story prequel to my upcoming haunted romance So Fell the Sparrow (coming November 21st). I hope you all come back next week for more ghostly fun as we countdown the days till release day!

Over and out!



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