Cover Reveal and Sneak Peek of SO FELL THE SPARROW!

Hi all! I’ve been so busy working on my latest novel, So Fell the Sparrow, that I haven’t had much time to blog lately. I’ve been consumed by ghosts and horror and romance these last few months and am just now poking my head above water. 🙂

The release date is scheduled for November 21st, so we’re still quite early but I did want to show you all the book cover I’ve designed for it!

To recap, So Fell the Sparrow will have a prequel, titled Gypsy of Spirits, that will debut on September 21st. The prequel will be a short story that details the background of one of the main characters from So Fell the Sparrow and will offer a sneak peek of the first two chapters of the main novel.

These are the two book covers, side by side:

Gypsy of Spirits Cover small    So Fell the Sparrow Cover PRINT copy

Gypsy of Spirits will be available in eBook form only on Amazon on September 21st.

So Fell the Sparrow will release in eBook and print on November 21st.

Here is a short and sweet blurb for So Fell the Sparrow:

A skeptic, a ghost hunter, a tech genius, and a medium. Will the spirits win?

Grieving the tragic death of her parents, Dr. Grace Sullivan travels to her father’s secret home in Massachusetts, only to discover the house, and the spirits within it, are a terrifying addiction she can’t shake. Joined by a ghost hunter duo and a medium, skeptical Grace finds herself not only falling in love, but becoming a believer, as well.

And check out the official trailer:

And here is a sneak peek!

Nora was busy behind the counter when Ian and Grace strolled in. She glanced up and shot them a sunny smile and a wave, which Grace attempted somewhat awkwardly to return. She wasn’t used to the small-town treatment yet. In the city, life was fast and anonymous. In Mad Rock Harbor, Grace found the world slow, relaxed, and welcoming. And everyone noticed when there was a new face in town. The man beside her was no exception.

“Great, they’re all going to think you’re my boyfriend or something.” Grace scowled as she noticed the curious stares they were receiving from all corners of the room.

“Why do you care what they think?” Ian asked, settling into one of the white and red vinyl booths by a window.

She sighed as she sat down across from him, eyeing the cars that passed by outside on the highway. “I don’t know.”

He draped his arms over the backrest with a hard grin. “I can tell you haven’t been in this town for very long, Doc. What’s your story?”

“I don’t really see how that’s relevant.” She folded her hands in her lap and avoided his eyes.

“It could turn out to be the most relevant thing in the world,” Ian insisted, interrupted as Nora came by to take their order. They both ordered coffee, black. As Nora walked away, Ian turned back to Grace. “If you don’t want to tell me the whole story, I get it. It’s not my business. But at least give me something to go on. I need to know if there’s something about you that brought these spirits out. Nellie says she experienced nothing in the house until you arrived. Ergo, you are in some way, shape, or form, the crucial piece of the puzzle.”

Grace’s eyes flicked to his and held in a cold stare. She fell back on her old defenses, not wanting his pity, his comfort. She didn’t want him to know just how broken and damaged she really was. And so, she decided to lie. Or, at least, not tell the whole truth.

“I came out here for a vacation, for some alone time. That’s all there is to it.”

“I get the feeling that you’re running from something,” Ian ventured as Nora dropped off their coffee. He took a sip from the ivory white mug, eyeing her in that intense way he had.

Grace laughed and passed her own mug between her hands, not in the mood to drink it. “Just what do you think I’m running from? Since you seem to know so much about me already, surely you have it all figured out.”

His lips curved. “I think you’re running from yourself.”

She blinked, then rolled her eyes and drank some coffee to hide the tremor that shot through her at his words. “You make this sound like a Lifetime movie.”

“Something bad happened to you, Grace. I don’t know what it is, but you have it written all over your face.” His humor faded as sincerity replaced it. “The cloud that hangs over you may be what’s attracting these spirits. They’re drawn to you because you’re in a weakened emotional state.”

“Weak,” she scoffed, insulted and stunned at the same time. Could it be? “You make it sound like I’m having a mental breakdown.”

“Aren’t you?”

She started laughing, then reached up to brush aside her bangs in an attempt to shrug off the acknowledgment that she actually was as fragile looking as she felt. If a complete stranger who had only been in her presence for a number of hours could read her like a book, then what did that say about her?

Feeling overwhelmed, she said her next words without thinking. “I heard the little girl last night, after you left. She said ‘I am the sparrow.’ What does that even mean?”

A tear escaped from her eye and she brushed it off, hoping he didn’t notice. She cleared her throat and tried to laugh off her admission. “But that’s stupid, right? You have to use that recorder to hear ghosts. If they even exist. Which they don’t.”

Ian stared at her intently and leaned forward in his seat. “She wants you to hear her. And so you have.”

Grace frowned, her head spinning. “This is ridiculous. I can’t believe I’m even humoring you.”

Anger flashed in his eyes. “You’re humoring me because even though you say you don’t believe it, part of you does. That denial you carry around like a shield is only going to get you so far. Eventually you’ll have to accept the impossible.”

“Accept the impossible?” she repeated, darkly amused. “Who has time for that? The world is a scary enough place as it is without believing in goddamn ghosts.”

He sat back in his seat and sipped his coffee. “You should try it on for size, Doc. It’s a lot less damaging than you think.”

Thank you all for stopping by to visit and check out the new cover! Stick around for September 21st and grab a copy of Gypsy of Spirits on Amazon! 🙂


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