Want More of the Vassers?

Okay, so I told myself when I started the Vasser Legacy series that I was going to keep it to two books. That was all the time I wanted to spend on the series and I figured I could tell their story effectively in two novels. But of course, with a family drama like this does the drama ever really end? Nope! I mean, they still need to revamp the hotel, right? And Grant’s gotta marry Quinn, and Linc needs to take Lynette down to New Orleans for their honeymoon, and Wyatt needs to move into Madison’s place and sell his boat business in Maine…so you see, there is actually still quite a bit more story to tell here.

That being said, I’ve been contacted by quite a few of you asking me if there will be more of the Vassers. After hours of consideration (and some urgent pushing from my dear author friend A.D. Trosper), I have officially decided to write a third Vasser Legacy book. *insert squeals of excitement here*


I haven’t had much time to brainstorm over it yet as I’m super busy beginning my marketing campaign for So Fell the Sparrow, but I do promise there will be a third Vasser book. Whether there’ll be a fourth and fifth, I don’t know. Like I said, there’s years worth of story to be told (who wouldn’t love to one day get to know Madison and Wyatt’s future son?). And yes, he’d be just like this:



But I don’t know how far I’ll go. As of right now, I’m committing myself to one more book. I promise it will be filled with tons of suspense, plenty of sexiness, and of course, a LOT of drama! I hope this excites all of you as much as it excites me!


So I’ll keep you guys posted. There is one other book I want to write as well, but I may put that on the back burner to tackle the Vasser book first. Until then, I hope you guys will check out my upcoming new release So Fell the Sparrow and its prequel, Gypsy of Spirits! The fun with ghosts starts September 21st! 🙂

Over and out!



9 thoughts on “Want More of the Vassers?

  1. Oh sure use Seinfeld AND my all-time fave movie Cruel Intentions with Ryan Phillppe to illustrate this 😀 Awesome news!

  2. Absolutely brilliant! Love the way you’ve enlightened us with your good news. Congratulations and best of luck!

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