Celebrate #INDIEpence Event Begins!

Welcome to week one of the Celebrate #INDIEpendence With Everyone At BHC event, hosted by Blue Harvest Creative! All month long we’ll be celebrating some of the best and brightest of the indie author world, offering awesome prizes and fascinating insights into why it rocks to be an indie author!

Each week will focus on a different genre, highlighting some of the best authors who write it and giving back to the community of readers who love it. We’ll have weekly contests to win free eBooks, print books, author swag, gift cards and more, all from outstanding authors with outstanding books!

Check out our first feature of the month: Non-fiction, Poetry, and General Fiction. From tragedies and overcoming life’s adversities to whimsical and heart-warming, these stories will captivate you.

Blue Harvest Creative is proud to present RMSW Press (Ashley Fontainne), Bathsheba Dailey, Collette Henry, and Hannah Steenbock.


International Bestselling Author Ashley Fontainne and RMSW Press

 Image 2013-06-18 small

Oswald and I

Available November 2013

Pre-order Your Print Copy of Oswald and I Now On Amazon

A Note From Ashley Fontainne:

It is a rare event when you are fortunate enough to be a part of releasing a piece of history to the public. My publishing imprint, RMSW Press, falls into that category. While conducting research for a historical novel I am currently working on, a chance meeting took place with Daisy McDonald, the widow of former Dallas Police Officer Maurice N. “Nick” McDonald.  Mr. McDonald had written his memoirs about how his life was impacted from the moment he arrested Lee Harvey Oswald at a movie theater in Dallas. Sadly, Mr. McDonald passed away in 2005 and his heartfelt, 300+ page story sat unread inside a thick binder.

I met Daisy McDonald in Hot Springs, Arkansas in April of 2013 after a speaking/fact finding engagement. After the meeting, she approached me with questions about my experiences in publishing. We immediately hit it off and talked several times over the course of the next few weeks when she offered me the unimaginable: she wanted RMSW Press to publish her husband’s work.

So, it is with humility, thankfulness and a sense of duty to honor to one of Mr. McDonald’s dying wishes that I bring to you the amazing cover (designed by the team of professionals at Blue Harvest Creative) for Mr. McDonald’s novel, Oswald & I, as well as the book trailer. Look for the paperback and eBook on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kobo November 2013.

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Author Bathsheba Dailey

 Cover-A_No-Blue small

Five Year Old Death

Five Year Old Death is based on my true life experiences; we all have heard about or lived through hardships and abuse but only a few will write about them. When we talk or write about the abuse we suffer or suffered it becomes real and you are faced with the fact that it is real. For some it is easier to forget and ignore instead of dealing with it and leaving it in the past where it belongs so you can then move forward in your life. This book is about physical, mental abuse I have suffered through for most of my life and sexual abuse that I had to deal with as a child. It also is about many mistakes that I have made throughout my life. In order for me to face my life and create a better life for myself and my children I must face my whole life for all of my wrongs and rights. A new beginning is better than an old ending!


Unhidden Reflections

Bathsheba’s poetry book Unhidden Reflections of the Heart is her second poetry book and will be re-released in July 2013.


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Author Collette Henry

 Cover-Get_Out_Of_My_Head_C_Henry_ebook small

Get Outta My Head: My Journey Living With Brain Cancer

This book tells the story of Collette Henry, a woman who in the midst of enjoying life is suddenly struck by a seizure that reveals a brain tumor, and then is subsequently diagnosed with brain cancer.

Collette shares with her readers the impact such a diagnosis has upon her life, as well as the trials and adjustments she has to endure as a result of the tumor.

In this book, you won’t find the author displaying self-pity, but instead, you will find a vibrant fighter with an amazingly positive outlook on life. The author realizes that cancer is a serious issue, but she does not let it define her life or let it decide how she will live.

Collette tells the story of how her traumatic experience started, and how she is coping with it today.

Her story is best defined in the words of an unknown author which states, “At any given moment, you have the power to say ‘this is NOT how the story is going to end.’”


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Author Hannah Steenbock

Sequoia_Hannah_Steenbock_Cover-(for-ebook) small

Sequoia:  A Short Story

Hi, I’m Max. Hardworking, book-loving person who feels special about trees. My favorite one lives in the botanical gardens, a fairly young sequoia. To me, they are the most majestic beings in the world. However, I approach them with caution now, after what happened to me.

I still can’t explain it very well. Imagine putting your hand on the tree, feeling the rough bark, thinking loving thoughts to it, and then suddenly plunging into darkness. That’s what happened to me. I ended up in a whole forest of sequoias, and soon found out I wasn’t in the good old US of A anymore. Fortunately, I made some friends, and discovered a possible way of getting home … and change the world with it.

But like I said, I’m careful about sequoias, these days. And you might want to treat them with respect, too.


 Pu'uknai's-Song---H_Steenbock small

Pu’ukani’s Song

Pu’ukani is a singer and a magic weaver

He also happens to be a whale.

Follow Pu’ukani on his journey with the love of his life and her daughters, to their summer calving grounds. Encounters with humans and killer whales change his entire life, and the

life of the clan led by his beloved. Through drama, loss and daring exploration, Pu’ukani finds himself at a cultural crossroads and in a position that breaks all rules. Will he be able to fulfill his duty to his true love?

Listen to his Song.


Available on Amazon July 2013!

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The party doesn’t end here! Hop on over to our Facebook event for fun games and exciting prizes! Be sure to check back next week for our next genre and a chance to win more free books!

Thank you for joining us, and we hope you enjoy Celebrate #INDIEpendence With Everyone At Blue Harvest Creative!

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