The Bipolar Workshop

Happy Friday everyone! I wanted to share some info on my lovely author friend Terri Callsen’s book entitled The Bipolar Workshop! Here is some info about the book, and links to where you can learn more and get in contact with Terri!


Terri Callsens’ life was an emotional roller coaster until she started going to counselling and  reading self help books that she collected from “Share Sheds”. After 4 years of medication side effect problems and re-cooperation she completed a book that tells you what the chemically imbalanced are like, helping to explain how repeated exposure rage builds and most importantly how she became better by taking you on her journey through a fictional story about four people living happily ever after because there can be such a thing.


 Direct Access to The Bipolar Workshop in Paperback

 The Bipolar Workshop in Paperback on

 The Bipolar Workshop in ebook format

 Terri Callsen Website


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