Family: The Ties That Kill – #BeNotorious Blog Tour Day One

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Family: The Ties That Kill – #BeNotorious Blog Tour Day One

Welcome to Day One of the #BeNotorious Blog Tour! We are revving up to the release of the highly anticipated sequel of my family drama When Empires Fall, aptly named Rise of the Notorious!

Follow along on this notorious blog tour from April 2nd till release day on April 23rd, and be sure to enter the giveaway for a chance to win some AMAZING prizes!

Today’s stop is an introduction to the Vasser Hotel family and the killer tale detailing both their fall from grace and their daring rise to infamy. Enjoy!

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When Empires Fall“Family may be the ties that bind, but When Empires Fall, they are the ties that kill…”

Truer words have never been spoken…especially if you’re a member of the prestigious Vasser Hotel family. For them, murder runs in the blood; ambitious and cold, and oh so cruel.

Step inside a world where champagne flows freely, luxury comes standard, and glorious Manhattan pulsates all around you with the rich, the famous, and the damned. Amidst it all, the illustrious Vasser Hotel stands as a beacon of extravagance, a century old and a staple to the Upper East Side.

In When Empires Fall, meet the Vasser family. On the outside, they appear untouchable. Nothing and no one can tarnish the prestige they have spent over a hundred years cementing into the very fabric of their infamous name.

That is, until a horrific event from their past, a suspected suicide of one of their own, is revealed to have been cold-blooded murder. What’s a family to do but get justice?

Alas, rarely is such a thing so easy.

They will have to fight tooth and nail against accusations that the killer is one of their own, not some outsider intent on hurting the family. And when they find out that this isn’t the killer’s first murder, things really get interesting.

But who are the Vassers, and what makes their story, one of fiery passion, scandal, and deception, so unique?

The three main characters are siblings, Grant, Linc, and Madison, who run the New York Vasser Hotel. Meet them, and the rest of the family, below:


Rise of the Notorious“Finish, good lady; the bright day is done, and we are for the dark.”

The Vasser family’s story continues on in the sequel, Rise of the Notorious. Theirs was a story much too elaborate to confine to just one novel…and the killer drama only heats up ten-fold in the sequel.

After dealing with attacks on their good name, business, and personal reputations, Grant, Linc, and Madison now find themselves in a war against not only the hungry and insatiable press, but several key enemies hell bent on ruining the family.

Only, the enemies they know about are nothing compared to the enemies waiting in the shadows. What will become of the Vasser family as they struggle to rise from the ashes of their own destruction? They may just learn some valuable lessons on who to trust, and who to destroy.

Madison takes the forefront, placing herself in the public eye in an attempt to showcase the Vasser family’s graciousness and strength. It’ll take every last innovative and courageous bone in her body to make sure her family’s legacy survives.

That is, if she and her family members can survive themselves, first.

Praise for The Vasser Legacy:

A modern day epic in the tradition of Gone With The Wind…” -J.L. Firestone, author

Exhilarating and fresh… Jennings masterfully weaves an intricate web of deception and lies…When Empires Fall is not as much a story about the rich as it is a story about human character.” -Cristian Mihai, author/blogger

Deliciously distracting! A complex tale of family betrayal and false appearances.” -Elizabeth Wright, reviewer with

The story is well developed and moves at a great pace but Katie Jennings’ real talent lies in her ability to develop fascinating and compelling characters.” -Martha Bryce, book blogger

Rise of the Notorious

By International Bestselling Author

Katie Jennings

Coming April 23, 2013

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  1. Best of luck to you with your blog tour and your new release. Let’s all #BeNotorious all April long!

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