Romancing the Book: Day 1 – His Breath of Fresh Air

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Westley: Hear this now; I will always come for you.
Buttercup: But how can you be sure?
Westley: This is true love. You think this happens every day?

The Princess Bride

Hi everyone! I wanted to celebrate this fantastic week of romance with a mini-series entitled Romancing the Book, where I will be featuring the romances from each one of my novels. Each love story has its own life, its own voice, and I want to celebrate the love we create with literature and the romance that melts our hearts. A week or so ago I did a post celebrating my favorite love stories and described what it was that made a love story GREAT. This week, I want to share the love stories that I have created, and reveal the inner workings of each relationship as I crafted them.

So sit back, grab a glass of Merlot, and enjoy all the wonderful romance in the air! 🙂

Day One:  Breath of Air

AIRcoverHANDOUT   In Breath of Air, first of The Dryad Quartet, we meet Capri, the Air Dryad. She comes home after years of living in the human world, discovering she is so much more than just your average eighteen year old girl. She can control the wind, the clouds, birds…her gift is that of Air. And as she learns to control her gift and utilize it for its true purpose, she also meets a very interesting boy, with an equally interesting purpose…

Rian is a Fury, a born and bred warrior charged with hunting down and killing demons that threaten the world. He is the strong and silent type, preferring reason to fantasy and hard work to play. He tries to avoid Capri at first, but her quiet charm and calm beauty rope him in until he can’t help but be with her. And when the mystery surrounding her disappearance as a child becomes deadly, he does all he can to protect her from the evil that wants her dead at any cost. His dedication to protecting her and her ability to accept him for who he is makes their relationship one of compassion, trust, and unity.

When I created the character Capri, I knew she needed to have a personality that embodied the element of Air. She would be soft-spoken, lighthearted, whimsical, dry-humored and kind. And yet she would also have occasional quick bursts of anger, like a furious gust of wind shooting through the trees and bringing sudden destruction.

Keeping this in mind, I knew I needed to give her a love interest that would provide her with the very things she felt she lacked herself:  strength, courage, and fortitude, to name a few. He would have to be a leader, a fighter for the truth that would be willing to help her unravel the mystery surrounding her disappearance and fight for her cause. He would be required to put his life on the line for her, and have no fear in doing so.

This is their love story. He chases away her weakness and gives her courage, and she shows him the light to lead him from the darkness that has always consumed him.


“You came to us a fragile, broken little thing,” he murmured,
leaning in to kiss her gently. “Who knew you would be the one
to save us all?” -Rian in Breath of Air

Below is the song that inspired their relationship:

To learn more, you can read a sample of Breath of Air on Amazon and download it on Kindle for only $2.99. Or if you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can borrow Breath of Air for free!

Thank you for joining me for Day One of Romancing the Book…tomorrow, I’ll be back with the fiery red head and her cowboy bounty hunter that are sure to steal your heart! Stay tuned for Firefight in Darkness, second of The Dryad Quartet!


2 thoughts on “Romancing the Book: Day 1 – His Breath of Fresh Air

  1. I should have read this at night so i could have some Merlot,alas a cup of coffee works just as nicely. Great blog post. I loved this book and the relationship between Capri and Rian is a great love story. I also love this song by The Fray and it fits so well, Well done!

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