Interview with Former Hit Man, Raymond Hunter by @Carolyn_Arnold #AODTour

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Interview with Raymond Hunter, Former Hit Man #AODTour

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Tell us about you.

My name is Raymond Hunter.  I used to a hit man for the Italian mafia. Fifteen years later, I’m a husband and father of two, and the mob wants me back.

How did you come to be a hit man for the Italian Mafia?

I was working as a bouncer at a mafia-owned bar called Blurr.  I knew who they were and when Christian, the Don’s son, came through the front doors with someone trailing fast behind him, I knew my life would change that night.

I held the guy back as long as I could, but in the struggle to restrain him I felt the gun tucked in his pants.  He broke free and went tearing after Christian.  Christian went into a back room–one I was told never to enter–the man behind him in fast pursuit.  I got there just in time.

The man had a gun held to Christian’s head; I pulled mine and put two bullets in his head.

While I was in shock, Christian laughed and patted me on the back.  I was welcomed as pretty much one of them.

What made you want to leave, have a family and settle down?

It just got to be too much–the taking of people’s lives.  I wasn’t a natural born killer.  I have feelings.  I remember everyone I killed in detail.  I recall how, and I can completely immerse myself back in those surroundings.

I met Brenda along the way.  There was something about her from the first time we met.  I just realized I was missing out on a part of life.  My parents, who have no idea what I’ve done, are happily married.  I suppose my upbringing came back and made me want that for myself.

Tell us about your family.

My wife’s name is Brenda.  She’s thirty-eight and has green eyes that are able to see through to my thoughts.  I assume she really doesn’t have the ability, and I hope she doesn’t, but sometimes it feels like she can read my mind.

We have two children, Yvonne who is fourteen and Max who is ten.  I’ll tell you more about all of them a future post.

What is your greatest fear?

Failure–simply put.  I love my family more than my life itself.  To think that anything I’ve done in my past, or may do, can bring them harm tears me apart.

Are you afraid of Christian Russo?

I don’t know any living being that wouldn’t be…except for his pit bulls.  He loves the damn things.  Says anything that can tear the flesh off a man deserves respect.

The most frightening thing about Christian Russo is that he’s unpredictable and possesses no conscience.

Tell us about your last kill.  Who was it?  Why did they need to die?

Names weren’t important, but I still knew them—for each one of my marks.  My last was Bob Riley.  He couldn’t make good on his gambling bets at Russo’s racetrack.  When his extension had expired, I was sent in to finish him off.

When I went into Bob’s apartment, one he kept for screwing his mistress, he barely clung to life.  Russo had sent in the heavy hitters to break his jaw, his nose, his kneecaps, and both of his wrists.  The work had taken place over several hours of torture.  I never understood why they didn’t just take care of it themselves.  But part of what came with my job was making things look like something else.  In addition to being a hit man, I also served as a single man cleanup crew sometimes.

Bob was passing in and out from the pain, but when he heard my footsteps on the floorboards, his eyes opened wide.  I raised the gun and took him out with one bullet between the eyes before he had a chance to scream.

I found out later, broken bones weren’t Bob’s only means of torture.  His tongue had been cut out as a message to other deadbeats—spoken promises meant nothing.  He also had the words tsk tsk carved into his chest with a knife.  I found out later Christian had killed the rest of his family, including his wife and two children at their house in the city.  I knew then that there was nothing Christian wasn’t capable of.  When he extended the job to me, he had presented it as a night of entertainment.

How many people have you killed?

I prefer not to give the total figure, but I killed twenty-one with a pen gun.

And, I remember every one–their faces, their pleas to bargain for their lives, the way everything smelled.  In fact, I recall everything in detail.  I will never forget.

I understand that one of the weapons you use in Assassination of a Dignitary is a pen gun?  That’s also known as a zip gun right?

That would be correct.  That’s a slang term.  I believe my creator Carolyn Arnold is going to shed more light on this weapon in an upcoming post so I won’t go into it  right now.

What is your biggest challenge in Assassination of a Dignitary?

Keeping my focus.  My family’s lives are at stake–and it’s my fault.  I have to get close enough to exact revenge on Christian Russo and still find a way to save them.  There’s even more to it, but don’t want to give everything away.


The above-noted piece is fictional and was written for promotional purposes.  Raymond Hunter is the main character in Assassination of a Dignitary coming March 14th to Amazon for Kindle, and in April for print.  YOU can sign up to WIN your copy here.

Here’s the overview:

Raymond Hunter’s dark past has returned and demands one final favor.  Now fifteen years later, settled as an accountant and family man, he assumed life would be calm.  He thought wrong. The Italian mafia wants him back.

The directions were simple:  Kill Governor Behler and be out for good.

This is an odd request since the mafia typically respects dignitaries, however, in order to protect his family he has no choice but to accept the job.

He picks the date and location—Niagara Falls, New York—two hundred and forty miles away.  But by the time he returns home, he finds out the assassination attempt failed, his family has been kidnapped, and he has twenty-four hours to set things right if he wants to see them again.

With time running out, Raymond discovers the real reason they wanted Behler dead and finds out he’s placed himself and his family right in the middle of a mafia power struggle.  What he doesn’t realize is that law enforcement is also closing in.

CAROLYN ARNOLD is the author of the best-selling Madison Knight Series, and the Brandon Fisher FBI Series.  You can find out more about Carolyn and her novels online in the following places:

Amazon Author Page


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  1. Great blog! Loved the questions and that they were answered by the character in the book. Looks like a great read and is on my to be read list. Best of luck to you, Carolyn!

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