My Love Affair with Amazon Prime


So as an author who is published exclusively with Amazon under their KDP program, I have become intimately familiar with Amazon Prime. It’s that nifty little program they have that grants you all sorts of cool benefits for an annual fee. You get free two-day shipping on most anything you buy, free instant-streaming movies and tv-shows to your television, and best of all, you can borrow any eBook in the Kindle Lending Library for FREE.

But even with all those great benefits, I wasn’t too sure about Prime. Sure, all five of my books are included in the lending library, but I wasn’t ready to join in myself.

And then I did the free month-long trial. Okay, what really happened was I was in desperate need to get these books I’d purchased shipped as soon as possible, and I was looking at the normal priority shipping rate and scrunching my nose. I didn’t want to pay that much, but I really wanted to get these books to their new owner as soon as possible.

Then I remembered Amazon Prime, and that I could do a free trial. Hell, they’d been begging me to give it a shot for months so I knew where to go to sign up. And it was easy. I started my free trial, ordered my books (FREE two-day shipping, btw), and I patted myself on the back for that clever move. I then marked on my calendar when the 30-day trial would be over, just so I’d remember to cancel it.

The only problem was, during those thirty days, I got real used to this whole free two-day shipping thing. And I was really enjoying their fantastic selection of movies and tv shows to watch for free on my Roku device. So by the time the month was over, I looked at my calendar and was faced with a decision. To cancel…or to sign up for real?

I caved. I gave in. Amazon had won me over. And at less than $7 a month, it’s well worth it. That’s cheaper than I pay for Netflix (which is only movies) and is much less than I normally spend on shipping every month considering how much I buy from Amazon (did you know you can get cat food from Amazon?).

But here’s the best part…I now have access to the entire Kindle Lending Library. Not all books are listed on there, but the selection is still impressive. And who doesn’t like free books?

So I’m now a week into my Amazon Prime membership, and couldn’t be happier with my decision to join. If you haven’t already done the free 30-day trial, then I’d encourage you to do it, at least for the month of awesome benefits. No reason not to!

And…you can borrow all five of my books for FREE with Amazon Prime!  Pretty cool, huh?



7 thoughts on “My Love Affair with Amazon Prime

  1. Katie, I joined the free trial of Kindle Prime but it appears the lending library is available only to US members. I live in Canada and don’t seem able to access the lending library. They do say it’s for US members. I’m very disappointed but will see how I like it, anyhow, and might take advantage of the free shipping, but I’m not sure if that applies to Canada, either.

  2. Katie – I fought it for a long time and then caved. We bought a 46″ TV during cyber Monday, and it pretty much paid for itself in what we saved in shipping. I also send out gifts of my book on paperback from amazon instead of from my own stock so I save on shipping and tax (if being sent to a state without the agreement with amazon – as PA has). We gave up Netflix and watch amazon instant videos instead (nearly the same choices). When you think about it as $7 per month it’s not much at all. This month alone I’ve probably saved more than $100 in shipping costs between books I’ve ordered, gifted and presents I’ve purchased. Plus, I’m a part of KDP as well so it only makes sense to support it. Thanks for post.

    • I know! The savings can really add up depending on how much you use Amazon. And I also like to send print copies of my books out to people using Amazon instead of shipping a copy myself, it’s so much easier and faster and obviously cheaper 🙂 And you’re right, as authors in KDP it makes sense to help support it!

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