An Unveiling of Epic Proportions!

I am so excited today to at last unveil my brand new, specially designed, super cool website, The Official Site of Author Katie Jennings!! Thanks to the awesome design team at Blue Harvest Creative, who made this dream a reality and could not have impressed me more with their ideas, vision and attention to detail. This site literally has everything, and I invite you to check it out!

Some of the awesome new features of the site include:

  • Unique book page for each of my six novels (including the upcoming Vasser Legacy novel) with reviews, buy links, trailers, excerpts, and more!
  • Updated, fully interactive NEWS page with links to my interviews and features
  • An awesome FANS & FUN page with downloadable Wallpapers for both desktop and cell phone
  • Interactive fan polls on the FANS & FUN page
  • Contact page with a picture of me with my cat (Yeah!!)

And of course, another big shout out to Blue Harvest Creative who created and designed the entire website! Did you know they are my official book designers too?

To learn more about how Blue Harvest created the design of my website, or to learn how they can help you design yours, check out their blog!

Thanks for visiting and checking out my new website! I couldn’t be more excited or proud of it!

‘Round up the usual suspects.’ – Casablanca


4 thoughts on “An Unveiling of Epic Proportions!

  1. Hey Katie! We loved working with you on your new website! Enjoy! P.S. We got a kick out of being called the “usual subjects” 🙂

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