NEW RELEASE! When Empires Fall – A Vasser Legacy Novel!

AH! It’s here! I am so excited to finally release When Empires Fall! *cheers!*  It’s now available on Amazon in both print and eBook format! 🙂

A modern day epic in the tradition of Gone With The WindInfused with deception, lust, murder and romance, Jennings creates a magnificent family saga not to be missed.” –J.L. Firestone, author

“Exhilarating and fresh… Jennings masterfully weaves an intricate web of deception and lies…When Empires Fall is not as much a story about the rich as it is a story about human character.” –Cristian Mihai, bestselling author and blogger


Some rise by sin, and some by virtue fall…

In America, kings are not born, they are made.  Men with ambition build their own empires and it is their heirs who carry the torch of tradition, generation by generation.

The Vasser Hotel Empire rose out of the ashes of an Industrial era, cementing itself in the very heart of America’s greatest city, New York.  Through the drive and courage of one man, a legacy was born that would last more than a hundred years.

That is, until word got out that one of their own was murdered.

Sixty years of lies will come crashing down in flames of treachery and blood, and the truth will send shockwaves through an entire nation.  Now the newest generation of Vasser heirs will have to deal with the consequences, or else allow their legacy to burn to the ground.

But dark secrets are buried deep within the family itself, and everyone has an agenda.  Love of family and forbidden passion will set off sparks in a powder keg ready to annihilate the empire, but it may also be the only thing keeping them whole.

When reputation is everything, it will take all they’ve got to save themselves from their own undoing.

I started writing this book back in November of 2011, and since then it has been a thrilling and educational roller-coaster ride for me. I have learned so much about myself as a writer and my strengths and weaknesses through this book, and I really hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I loved writing it 🙂

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Lastly, for those of you who snatch up a copy of When Empires Fall, make sure to look in the back of the book for a sneak peek of the sequel, Rise of the Notorious! 😉

Read what others are saying about When Empires Fall!

The Vassers  had it all, but their hotel legacy of fame and fortune came at a high price. Buried deep within the generations of their family , horrific acts had been committed. An undercurrent of mistrust, greed and lies would soon consume everyone in its powerful wake.  Family may be the ties that bind but sometimes  they are the ties that kill.

A modern day epic in the tradition of Gone With The Wind, Jenning’s gripping drama is woven with interesting and compelling characters. The story unfolds in New York City and centers around three close siblings who run the high-class lavish Vasser Hotel. Grant, the eldest and responsible son; Linc, the carefree playboy and Madison, the cool schemer.

Fiercely loyal to each other and the family empire, each Vasser must battle their own personal demons and struggle to find their true destiny. Infused with deception, lust, murder and romance, Jennings’ creates a magnificent family saga not to be missed.”

★★★★★ –J.L. Firestone, author

With a masterful blend of suspense, passion, and intrigue, Jennings delves into the story of the Vasser family and the secrets that haunt them. Complete with a rich cast of characters, this book captivates you and keeps the pages turning at each new turn of the plot.”

 ★★★★★ – A. Kappen, editor

Ambition, treachery, greed. Without passion, these are just words. But Katie Jennings doesn’t lack this crucial ingredient. She masterfully weaves an intricate web of deception and lies. Exhilarating and fresh, When Empires Fall takes the reader on a journey into a world of fabulous wealth. A shallow and frivolous world indeed, sometimes lacking in compassion, but never in true emotion. Because, in the end, When Empires Fall is not as much a story about the rich as it is a story about human character.”

  ★★★★★  –Cristian Mihai, Bestselling author of Jazz

The Vasser family have been kings in the hotel industry for years and when a lightning bolt from their past threatens to bring the empire crumbling down, they must come together to save what their ancestors struggled to build.

Katie Jennings paints a wonderful picture of a multifaceted family trying its best to cope with a horrible reality. From the workaholic older brother to the brilliant  younger sister, the Vasser’s lives are in for a sucker punch from left field. The cast of characters is enticing, the plot intriguing, and the tension exciting in this tale of greed, love, and family.

Jennings writing is excellent, the formatting attractive, and the pacing spot on. I found myself drawn into their world, an unwitting player in the drama of their lives. The story carried me along all the way to its dramatic conclusion. I loved this story and look forward to more from this wonderful author. Well done!”

★★★★★  – Richard C. Hale, Bestselling author of Frozen Past

When Empires Fall is a behind-closed-doors look into the heart of the wealthy Vasser family, owners and operators of a chain of hotels. The saga opens with a sixty-year old snapshot of betrayal at its worst. Laced with lots of juicy family secrets and snappy dialogue, the first book introduces us to the ends and
outs of the Vassers, serious-minded Grant, irresistible brother Linc, and ruthless sister Madison. All three share a bond of putting family loyalty before
anything else. But they will soon find themselves caught up in the dirt of the past. When Empires Fall offers a dramatic plot with character-driven narrative
that will definitely carry over well into the next book.”

★★★★★  – Makenna Hutton, book reviewer and author

Check out the official book trailer below:

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