New Release! Sacrifice by Carolyn Arnold

Hi everyone! I wanted to share with you my review of this awesome new release from author Carolyn Arnold called Sacrifice!  It is the third novel in Carolyn’s Madison Knight series, and an excellent read for anyone who enjoys a good detective novel with a spunky, independent heroine 😉

I was lucky enough to receive an ARC of this book, and I can say nothing but good things about it! Read below for my 5-star review!

If you’re a fan of Law & Order and Rizzoli & Isles, then dive into the Madison Knight Series and you will not be disappointed!

Sacrifice, the third novel in the series, is a hard-edged and entertaining trip into the life and mind of a tough female cop, Madison Knight, and her dependable partner as they investigate a homicide that has drug-deal gone bad, dirty politics, and inside cover-up written all over it. It’s a fast-paced, fun and absorbing ride through the daily life of a cop and the frustrating politics of the bureau that governs them. We get a look at everything from how the cops hunt down the bad guys to how the forensics team proves guilt to how the lawyers and elected officials tamper and tweak facts to influence a case.

This is my first Madison Knight book, and as such I have to point out that you do not have to read them in order. I fell into the storyline very easily and the characters felt real and fleshed out despite it being the third book in the series.

Madison is a fun and interesting main character, and she serves the purpose of driving the plot forward without being boring. She’s what you’d expect from a female cop: tough, tom-boyish, sarcastic, fearless and intensely emotional and dedicated when it comes to her job. And yet she has a vulnerability that Carolyn did a beautiful job of illustrating at key points throughout the book, just when you needed to see Madison’s softer side. She’s lonely, as much as she refuses to admit it, and has deep regrets about her family that she can’t shake. Put together with her tough-as-nails persona, it gives Madison the genuineness required of a principal character, and made it very enjoyable to walk beside her throughout the book.

The plot of the novel is filled with exciting twists and turns, nail-biting drama and suspense, and plenty of suspicious and screwy characters to keep you guessing as to whodunit! Plus one of my favorite parts about the book is that Carolyn takes you into the minds of many of the characters, giving an inside look into the motivation and drive of different key individuals as the plot thickens and the pieces of the crime begin to fall into place. I absolutely love that, as it always makes you think you’re one step ahead of the main character, only to have unexpected and shocking surprises jump out and catch you just when you least expect it.

Overall, this is an excellently written and enjoyable detective-crime novel by an author who clearly has perfected this genre. It has a realness to it that is easy to fall into, and enough gritty drama and dashes of romance to spike up the blood pressure. I can’t wait to visit with Madison Knight again and indulge in her witty tongue and brash behavior!

Sound interesting? You can find this new release and Carolyn Arnold’s other works on Amazon and at her website!


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