Introducing the Vasser brothers…;)

I said I’d come back with more teasers for my upcoming family saga novel When Empires Fall, and here I am! To recap, last week I introduced you guys to Madison and Cyrus Vasser, the darkest and most complex characters in the book.  Today, I’m bringing you quotes, promo images, and fun intro trailers to Madison’s two older brothers, Grant and Linc Vasser! 😉 Enjoy!

‘Let’s just say he’s very…serious,’ Linc mused, content to leave it at that.

Since pretty much the first day I met him, I’ve respected him.  Admired him.  What I saw before me was this man, so brazenly honorable, reverent of tradition and family.  He carries this weight around on his shoulders, like Atlas with the world, this empire that he guards and protects with courage and unshakable conviction.  I’ve never known anyone like him.

‘You didn’t tell me your name, but your brother said it was Grant.  I need to know what I should call you.’

He looked back at her, mildly annoyed.  ‘Call me Mr. Vasser.’

‘If you were to kiss me now, here, in front of all those reporters, what would the headlines say?’ Quinn asked, biting her bottom lip to stem back a giddy laugh.  His hand that held hers gripped tighter, more possessively, and she felt her breath catch in her throat at the look in his eyes.

‘Again, does it matter?’

She shook her head, unsure how to react to the heat in his eyes.  The passion.  Again he had gone from cold and illusive to powerful and direct, and her heart thudded inside her chest from both nerves and need.

In his eyes, unless a man earned something, he didn’t deserve it.

Here’s a video to introduce you to the very serious Mr. Vasser… 🙂

‘God, life sucks.  Except for you.  Everything sucks except for you.’

‘Spoken like a true romantic,’ she said wryly, laughing as he suddenly scooped her up and carried her over to her plush sofa in shades of neutral beige and gray, much like the rest of her quaint apartment in Uptown.  ‘And a Yankee to boot.  Lord, my grandmother must be rolling over in her grave.’

He smiled down at her, blue eyes bright in the light of the dozens of candles she had lit.  ‘I guess I’m just gonna have to show you the Yankee way, Lynette.  To hell with grandma.’

‘I know you barely know me, and I know you probably don’t really trust me, but I promise you that I’m just an average twenty-seven year old guy who loves football games, pizza and cold beer.’

‘And women,’ Lynette added, eyebrows rising in good humor as she smiled at him.  ‘My mother calls you the ‘playboy heir’ when you’re not looking.’

Linc stared at his sister, disappointment clear in his eyes.  ‘You’re good at doing the ‘I’m a cold, distant bitch’ thing, sis, but there’s a time and a place.  This is not it.’

‘How dare I what?  Try to protect my family?’ he snapped, throwing up his hands in frustration.  ‘Either we’re together in this or we’re not.  And if you’re with me, then you’re a part of my family.  And if they go down, if I go down, you fall with us.  That’s just how it works.’

Learn more about the charming Linc Vasser in the video below… 😉

And that’s it for this week!! Hope you guys enjoyed this sneak peek for When Empires Fall! Again, more info on the book can be found on my Website!
Next Friday is the last Friday before the release date of August 10th, so I will release a sneak peek into a few of the best chapters of the book! Exciting, yes? See you next Friday!


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