It’s FRIDAY! Here’s some teasers for When Empires Fall!

I am super excited to share this with you all, as these two characters were without a doubt my favorite characters to write in the entire book.  With great pleasure, I introduce to you two members of the Vasser family, Madison and her grandfather, Cyrus.

Madison, he knew, preferred leaving that particular part of her past in the dark, never to be mentioned again.  It simply was not possible for him to blame her, not when he’d seen her crumble, and build herself back up again, like a phoenix rising from the ashes of its own destruction.  Who would want to relive the nightmare that had caused such horrific pain? -Excerpt

She was as over him as she was a goddamn nun.  And the fact that he was parading himself around her, waiting for her to take a bite out of him really grated at her already testy mood.  She wanted to destroy him and teach him a lesson for daring to show his face to her again.  But it appeared that her want to hurt him was much surpassed by her need to enjoy him.  Damn him to hell for it. -Excerpt

“Now, you are going to go back to the hotel and continue on as normal.  I want you to support your brothers and keep them focused.  They need you more than ever now.”

“It’s not them I’m worried about,” she murmured, her eyes searching his when he glanced back up at her.  “You’ve made me strong, pépère, but without you I don’t know what I will be.”

“You will be exactly as you are now,” Cyrus said gruffly, his scowl deepening.  “Nothing and no one can take away your power unless you let them.  If you fight tooth and nail to keep it, then you will survive.  But if you give up now then you are not the child I raised.  She would do whatever was necessary to persevere and to keep our empire flourishing.  Are you still her, mon coeur?  Or are you now too weak to follow in my footsteps?”

Madison’s eyes flashed with heat even as her lips curved into a tenacious smirk.

“If not me, than who?  I am all you’ve got.” She rose to her feet then and stared down at him.  “And lucky for you, I have no intention of letting you down.”

“Good.” Cyrus stared right back at her as his own mouth shifted ever so slightly into a proud smile.  “When the devil finally comes to take me down to Hell, I’ll go gladly knowing I left the best part of me right here, in you.”

Madison merely leaned over to kiss his forehead, pausing as she did so to hover close to the side of his face, her eyes shutting tight to hold back the sudden influx of tears.  Taking a deep breath, she spoke softly into his ear, her heart aching as she did so.  Somehow, for some reason, this felt like goodbye.  “When you see him, tell the Devil he’d be smart to prepare himself for me.  We’re going to rule Hell together, you and I.”

Just as she reached for a gleaming tennis bracelet to slide over her right wrist, her eyes fell upon her tattoo and held.  Her breath caught in her throat, but she refused to shed any tears.  The stark black outline of the IX stood out like a glaring, pitiful mistake against her skin.  There had once been a time when she had put all of her faith into that symbol, all of her hopes, dreams, and fears.  It had gotten her through the hardest of times, given her strength when she had nearly succumbed to weakness, shown her the path when she had felt lost.

Now it took all she had not to claw it from her very skin.

Here’s a teaser video for even more info on the lovely Madison…


Now that you’ve gotten a taste of her, here’s a few fun quotes about Cyrus as well…

“He had the Devil in his eyes, the goddamn Devil…”

He was a Vasser, damnit, and the name meant something to people.  It carried with it a prestige, an intriguing kind of wonder and infamy.  And the reason it did so was because he had made it his life’s mission to make it as such.  He had a legacy, his legacy, in his children and grandchildren, and it was him they looked up to, him they admired and revered.  Cyrus was the Vasser family, and he had single-handedly seen to it that the empire flourished even better than under his father and grandfather before him.

“Our name is only as strong as we fight for it to be.  I need you to fight, and fight ruthlessly, child, because in this life, the Vasser legacy is the only thing worth fighting for.”

At last, it appeared karma was coming to collect his debt.  Just what was the price going to be?

And there ya go!  Two of the key players in When Empires Fall…curious to learn more?  Come back next Friday and I’ll introduce you to Madison’s two very different, very intriguing brothers…

As always, for more information on the upcoming Vasser Legacy novel, check out my website!


2 thoughts on “It’s FRIDAY! Here’s some teasers for When Empires Fall!

  1. Great blog! Two very compelling characters. The excerpts you chose to share do a remarkable job of painting a vivid picture of Madison and Cyrus. Looking forward to learning more about your other characters. Looking forward to reading this!

  2. Very nice Katie. I’m lucky enough to be reading an ARC copy and am thouroughly enjoying it. Everyone will love it when it’s released. Now I’m back to reading more of it. Great job Katie!

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