Posted in June 2012

A Resounding Echo on my mind!

Hey everyone!  I wanted to introduce you to an excellent novel I just finished reading called Resounding Echo by Michelle Louring!! Read on for a description of the book and my review 🙂 Description… The battlefield of angels and demons is no place for a human… With no memory of her past, Selissa grew up … Continue reading

WOW! I must be crazy…

ANNOUNCEMENT: Okay, big dramatic pause everyone…this is just nuts… On Friday, June 15th, I will be releasing BOTH A Life Earthbound AND Of Water and Madness, the third and fourth books of The Dryad Quartet!  At last, The Dryad Quartet will be complete 🙂 Why release them together, you ask?  Because I can!  And because … Continue reading

Have you been branded??

Alright, so this is pretty much a page out of Marketing 101, but I see so many authors out there not follow this very simple yet crucial rule:  YOU MUST HAVE A BRAND. What do I mean by brand?  Well, it actually could refer to a lot of things.  The most important in regards to … Continue reading

FREE at last!!

Happy Friday everyone!! Hope you are enjoying this beautiful first day of June as much as I am 😉 It’s beautiful and sunny here in SoCal, and I can’t wait to get my weekend started! Wanted to announce that for TODAY ONLY…Firefight in Darkness, second of the Dryad Quartet, will be FREE on Amazon! So if … Continue reading