Red Hot Review!

Thank you to the wonderful Cassie over at Shadow Kisses Review blog for her awesome 5-Star review of FIREFIGHT IN DARKNESS!! Check it out below!

Not sure it can get better than a Fiery red head serving up demon on a platter!

Katie Jennings has out done herself again on the second installment of The Dryad Quartet, Firefight in Darkness! Once again we are brought back to the world of Euphora, but only for a short while. Blythe’s journey will take her on a dangerous adventure to earth, where she literally hunts down the demons of her past. Once Blythe finds out that the creature who has been ruining lives on Euphora (the lives of people she loves) is her relative, she knows she must be the one to find him and take him down.
Not only is this creature the evil love child of her Grandmother, but he is half demon, half Dryad, and that makes for a dangerous mixture. Thea, Mother Nature herself and creator of Euphora, hires a bounty hunter to help find the demon before he can cause more damage. But Blythe won’t take no for an answer. She sets off on her own, armed with nothing more than determination. Eventually Blythe and the bounty hunter team up to win the dangerous battle against the demon…..and a love starts to blossom. But, as it turns out, the Bounty hunter is not the only one with his eye on Blythe.
In book one of The Dryad Quartet the main character was Capri, a shy, sweet, kind hearted girl who struggles to uncover the mystery behind her mother’s death. In this book, we meet her best friend (and polar opposite) Blythe. Blythe had to be my favorite part of the book! She is so strong and hard on the outside and yet manages to capture the reader’s heart and show her soft side. Not only is she a bit of a smart-ass, which makes for some humorous dialog, but she has a fire inside of her that leads to a steamy love affair.
My second favorite part was reading the Diary of Blythe’s grandmother and understanding why she decided to abandon her son on Euphora and shack up with a demon….was she wrongly accused?  Blythe must struggle through many internal battles on her journey, and finally allows herself to open up….an enjoyable experience for the reader. Please add this book to your “To-Read” shelf today!
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