I said I was gonna do it…

And I did! 😀 I put together a blog designed to celebrate book trailers and book covers from some awesome Indie authors! If you haven’t yet checked it out, please do so here: I LOVE BOOK TRAILERS!  I am also on Facebook!

For those who saw my post a week or so ago about this topic, you read how I was thinking for some time about a fun new project for myself that would not only connect me with author great authors but that would help them get their work out there.  I tried to think of a way I could give back to the Indie author community that has already given me so much…and really, the best thing I could think of was to share what I am passionate about.  Book trailers, book cover art, helping others create their own and make their books shine…these are the things I care about.  And so, I am proud to announce the creation of I LOVE BOOK TRAILERS!

I’ve been posting about the blog a bit on Facebook and have already gotten lots of submissions, so go check them out! There are some incredible trailers and gorgeous covers posted, in addition to links to view more about the books and authors that are featured.  If you would like to submit your work to me, just use the submit page on the blog and send it over!  I can’t wait to see what great trailers and covers await to be discovered!

Also on the blog is a tutorial I made explaining how I use Windows Live Movie Maker to make my book trailers.  Check it out if you need help or ideas, and as always feel free to email me directly with questions!  I am more than happy to help!

I didn’t add this to the blog, but I’d like to also extend my help to authors who want ideas on how to revamp their book covers.  If you just want a second set of eyes to check out what you have, or if you haven’t yet made a cover and are scratching your head over where to start, just email me and I’ll brainstorm with you and come up with some ideas 🙂

Thanks everyone for all of the support and submissions so far! Let’s make this blog a big success!!

Gentlemen, you can’t fight in here! This is the War Room!” -Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb


2 thoughts on “I said I was gonna do it…

  1. This is a great and giving project you’ve undertaken. Can’t wait to visit your Facebook page and learn about making a book trailer. I am wholly uneducated in how to use the video stuff on my computer. Thanks!

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