The Inspiring Blog Award!!

This is such a fun idea! In this hectic and extraordinary world of blogging, it’s always refreshing to stumble upon a fellow blogger who can offer great advice, a good laugh, or even just an interesting and heartfelt story for us to enjoy.  We are all just people, after all, from all over the world, congregating here in the blogosphere to share our ideas, our passions, and our hearts.  We write posts in the hopes that we reach others, and that they enjoy what we share and that maybe they can even share some insight with us.  It’s the great world of social networking, on a very, very personal and thoughtful platform.

And so, what a great concept this Inspiring Blog Awardis!  P.C. Zick (see her blog here: contacted me this morning and nominated my blog as one that inspires her!  Not only am I flattered, but I’m pleased to know that the advice I’ve shared on my blog has helped people, because that’s such a big part of why we blog.  We want to share what we know with others who need to know. 

So, playing along with this, the rules are that I must now post seven unique things about myself.  Here goes!

1.  I’m horrible at keeping plants alive.  Despite being born with a long family history of Landscapers, I have no talent whatsoever for gardening. *sigh*

2.  I love cats more than dogs.  I know, you’re clicking off of my page at this very moment because of this blasphemy.  I get it, but I don’t care.  Cats are just better.  So there!  :p

3.  I’m obsessed with the tv show Once Upon a Time.  Rumplestiltskin and Belle are meant to be!!!  I’m also really into Game of Thrones, Glee (it’s gotten lame lately though) and more recently the X-Files…Moulder and Scully are amazing!

4.  I used to write a lot of Harry Potter fanfiction.  Don’t ask me to show you it, because it is MUCH too embarassing. 😉

5.  In 2007, my family’s home was destroyed in a brush fire, so I know firsthand what it’s like to rebuild your life from scratch.

6.  I’m mostly of British descent, though my maiden name is a hearty Irish name (McMullen) and I’ll go to the grave considering myself to be of Irish blood, especially because I have green eyes.

7.  I am a proud American.  I was born and raised in California and have lived here all of my life.  I don’t expect I’ll live anywhere else, unless they literally tax us out of house and home and then we have no choice but to move to some nice state like Idaho or something. 😉

So there you have it.  Now comes an even better part.  I must nominate fifteen blogs for the Inspiring Blog Award myself.  These are the blogs that I go out of my way to try and read up on, because the people who run them are truly inspirational!  Check them out and see for yourself!

1.  Shadow Kisses Review Blog:

2.  Tripp Randomly Writes:

3.  The Seven Spell Saga Blog:

4.  Musings of an Independent Artist:

5.  Michelle Louring’s Blog:

6.  Cristian Mihai’s Blog:

7.  INN:

8.  CB Wentworth’s Blog:

9.  Sass Cadeaux’s Blog:

10.  Daphne Shadows’ Blog:

11.  Jemima Pett’s Blog:

12.  Daniel Davis’ Blog:

13.  Emerald Barnes’ Blog:

14.  Suzan’s Blog:

15.  Afternoon Tea:

And of course P.C. Zick’s blog!!

To the nominees:  Now it’s your turn!  Please thank me in your acceptance blog, posting my URL.  Also, write seven things about yourself!  Then choose fifteen more winners and post links to their blogs. 

Thanks to P.C. Zick, who nominated me 🙂 and to all the bloggers out there who inspire us each and every day!!


7 thoughts on “The Inspiring Blog Award!!

  1. Thank you for the award! I’ll be slow to do a post on it but I promise I will! 😉 It’s neat to be awarded by a published author!

  2. Thank you so much for this award, It means so much to me and of course is totally undeserved. But if you don’;t mind I’ll keep it even if you’ve made a mistake 😉 Hope your Dryad Quartet goes well too.

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