FREE at last!!

Happy Friday everyone!! Hope you are enjoying this beautiful first day of June as much as I am 😉 It’s beautiful and sunny here in SoCal, and I can’t wait to get my weekend started!

Wanted to announce that for TODAY ONLY…Firefight in Darkness, second of the Dryad Quartet, will be FREE on Amazon! So if you haven’t yet picked up a copy, or maybe haven’t started the series yet, this is a great opportunity! Snag both book one and two for the price of one ($2.99)!

This free promotion is the first of many steps I am taking to promote the series leading up to the release of the third book, A Life Earthbound, on June 15th!  So take advantage while the offer is good!

Here is a preview trailer for the second book so you can check it out 🙂

And you can download it for FREE here:


Want a preview? Here’s a snippet from the book! Enjoy!

  His name was Duncan.  A silly name for a guy, she thought with a smirk as she watched him stare at his cigarette with baffled eyes.  But he was cute, and he along with his friends were buying the drinks, so what did she care what his name was.

“Honey, it was just a trick, don’t look so frightened.” She cooed, stroking her fingertips down his tanned cheek.  When his eyes met hers, she saw him forget all about the cigarette.  He shifted his hand until it rested suggestively on her thigh.

“Girl, nothing scares me.  Why don’t we go dance?” Duncan winked at her out of clear blue eyes.

“Sure, why the hell not.” Blythe shrugged as she gulped down the last of her appletini and let him lead her out onto the dance floor.

The song was some fast paced hip hop beat that pounded through her entire body, skimming through her veins and shuddering in her heart.  Above her, lights shifted and circled and zoomed in all directions, so that they flashed and highlighted every single person moving in this sea of wild and untamed beasts.

She let Duncan put his hands on her hips and grind against her as the vodka she’d just finished left her feeling loose and reckless and free.  This was exactly what she had needed, this superficial human ritual that meant so little in the grand scheme of things.  But humans did it for a reason…it was exhilarating.

She felt someone in front of her, opened her eyes and saw a man dancing with her.  He was a bit older, but he had moves.  Her eyebrow cocked as she smirked at the dark haired stranger, who pulled her away from her previous dance partner and into his arms.  The move was rough, a bit rougher than she liked, but she figured what the hell.  She was here to have fun, wasn’t she?

And he was a terrific dancer, much better than Duncan had been.  He turned her around so she was facing away from him, and she felt his hands running up and down her body.  Pursing her lips, she decided that, despite his talent for dancing, she didn’t appreciate being man handled quite to this degree.  She turned around, prepared to casually say goodbye and slink off to get another drink, when he pulled her against him again and this time clamped his mouth down upon hers.

Indignation tore through her as he kissed her, but even though she tried to pull away, he was much stronger.

Fear joined the rage she felt as she tried to break free from him, but when she suddenly felt his tongue inside her mouth begin to shift and change, something much deeper and darker than fear hit her.

She could feel his tongue split at the tip and slim down until it was snakelike, coiling inside of her mouth.  Disgust and terror had her shoving as hard as she could against him, and she would have bit him if he hadn’t suddenly been thrown to the floor.

Gasping and furious, she was prepared to kick the creep’s ass when she realized he had disappeared into thin air.  The man who’d thrown him suddenly grabbed her roughly around the arm and proceeded to drag her out of the club.

It wasn’t until they’d reached the exit doors that she came to her senses and kicked him sharply in the foot with her stiletto heel.

He stumbled a bit and grunted in pain, but he didn’t let go.

“BACK THE HELL OFF!” She screamed, swinging with her fist this time, barely missing contact with the man’s face.

“Goddamnit, will you stop resisting?  We need to get the hell out of here.”

“We?” Blythe tried to dig her heels into the ground to slow him down, but he was already dragging her into a cab.  “I don’t even know you!”

Without even responding, he squeezed in beside her and slammed the car door.

He called out directions to the cab driver, then tilted his head back and rubbed his face, looking incredibly stressed out.

Wondering how in the hell she had even gotten this far with him, she tapped on the shoulder of the cab driver as they pulled away from the curb.

“Excuse me, sir, this man has kidnapped me.  I need you to call the police.”

When the cab driver didn’t say anything, she was about to smack him upside the head only to have the stranger sitting beside her stop her.

“Do you have no appreciation whatsoever?” He said, staring at her indignantly.  “I just saved your life.”

“Oh, excuse me if for some reason I don’t constitute punching some guy caveman style and then dragging me off like the winning prize to be saving my life.  I was handling the situation just fine by myself.”  She tossed her hair back before giving him a good, long look.  In the darkness of the cab, she couldn’t make out much of his face.  “Who the hell are you, anyway?”

“It was a demon, not just some guy.” The man corrected her, crossing his arms across his chest and stretching out his long legs as best he could.  “And it sure didn’t look like the situation was handled.”

“Screw you, asshole!  I don’t need some man coming to my aide.  I was about to bite that creep’s tongue, and…” Her thoughts smacked right into a solid brick wall as the memory returned to her fully.  Her face paled and her eyes widened in horror.  “Holy shit.  Demon?  Demon?  Snakelike tongue…oh, goddamnit.”

Feeling her stomach revolt in disgust, she covered her mouth and closed her eyes, fighting to forget just how horrible that tongue had felt.  The man next to her kept his mouth shut, for which she was grateful.  She needed a moment to compose herself.

As the sharp edges of the shock she’d just had began to dull, she took a deep breath and looked at him again.

“You didn’t answer my question.  Who are you?”

He tilted his head to stare at her, his lips curving into a knowing smirk.  His left eyebrow cocked and he made a motion as if to tip his non-existent hat to her.

“Jackson Murphy, ma’am.”

Surprise flickered over her face even as the delight came into her eyes.  It was nice to now know the face behind the voice that had so intrigued her before.

  “Well, well.  We meet at last, bounty hunter.”


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