Do you want to know more?

I just wanted to say a very, very appreciative thank you to Cassie over at Shadow Kisses Review Blog today for interviewing me and hosting my book, Breath of Air!!  If you haven’t checked out the interview or her review of Breath of Air yet, you can do so here:

Show her some love and follow her blog if you’re into paranormal fantasy and romance like I am 😉 Plus you can enter to win a FREE copy of Breath of Air!

I also wanted to post on here the link to my newest promotional trailer for the book series. It’s dramatic and fun and exciting, so check it out!!

Thanks to everyone who downloaded Firefight in Darkness today for FREE! You guys all made my day and I hope you all enjoy the series!! Just a reminder that book three, A Life Earthbound, will be released on June 15! Stay tuned to the Shadow Kisses Blog, as we’ll be doing a launch party and giving away awesome prizes on release day!

Hope everyone has an awesome Friday night and weekend! I know I’m ready to relax! 😉

I love writing.  I love the swirl and swing of words as they tangle with human emotions.  ~James Michener


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