Posted in June 2012

How to not make my mistakes and have a GREAT book launch!

Alright, so I’ve done this four times now, right?  Dryad Quartet, four books…yep, four books published, and all unique book launches.  While that doesn’t make me an expert BY ANY MEANS, it does at least mean that I’ve tried a lot of different strategies, both ones that have worked and ones that haven’t.  Here’s my advice … Continue reading


Who is Bartholomew Pike?

Hey guys, check out this great new book from author Tessa Stokes!  It is Bartholomew Pike’s Spell Book, book six in the Seven Spell Saga series!  I had the honor of reading this enchanting story, and wanted to share my review and some information about the book 🙂 Here is the book’s description: The three friends … Continue reading

Why I LOVE third person! (and HATE first…)

Okay so I’ve seen this topic thrown around on forums and on FB a lot, and I think it’s an interesting one to discuss.  Especially because it appears that I am in the minority when it comes to narrative preferences with books that I read, and write, for that matter! QUESTION:  Which do you prefer:  … Continue reading

Red Hot Review!

Thank you to the wonderful Cassie over at Shadow Kisses Review blog for her awesome 5-Star review of FIREFIGHT IN DARKNESS!! Check it out below! Not sure it can get better than a Fiery red head serving up demon on a platter! Katie Jennings has out done herself again on the second installment of The … Continue reading

I said I was gonna do it…

And I did! 😀 I put together a blog designed to celebrate book trailers and book covers from some awesome Indie authors! If you haven’t yet checked it out, please do so here: I LOVE BOOK TRAILERS!  I am also on Facebook! For those who saw my post a week or so ago about this … Continue reading

You have my utmost appreciation!!

First of all, let me say thank you to everyone who joined me for the Release Day Party yesterday!! It was a huge success, and so far we’ve had over 180 people enter to win signed print copies of The Dryad Quartet! The raffle continues on for another eight or so days, so if you … Continue reading

It’s HERE!!!

TODAY’S THE DAY! I’m super excited to announce the release of the final books of the Dryad Quartet! A Life Earthbound and Of Water and Madness are officially up on Amazon and listed in the Kindle Lending Library! The books are available in both Kindle and soft cover book format! In celebration of the release, … Continue reading

The Inspiring Blog Award!!

This is such a fun idea! In this hectic and extraordinary world of blogging, it’s always refreshing to stumble upon a fellow blogger who can offer great advice, a good laugh, or even just an interesting and heartfelt story for us to enjoy.  We are all just people, after all, from all over the world, congregating … Continue reading

It’s like the movies up in here!!

So I had this idea the other day, and I really think I’m going to run with it.  Not that I have much time to spare or anything, but wouldn’t it be fun to have a blog dedicated specifically to book trailers and cool cover art?  I’m sure there are blogs out there that do … Continue reading