Posted in May 2012

Book Trailers!! Do they help sell a book?

Okay, now this is definitely a question I would love to know the answer to.  Does having a catchy, intriguing, and well made book trailer really help to sell a book? First of all, I had never even heard of a book trailer until I wrote a book myself and then immersed myself in this … Continue reading


Taming the Beast of Self-Belief

There are two modern day authors who I aspire to.  JK Rowling, because she created Harry Potter (and c’mon, who hasn’t read Harry Potter and succumbed to the awesomeness that is the magic world?) and Nora Roberts, who is my biggest hero for her persistence and cleverness alone. Now both of these women are pretty … Continue reading

Writing and fear and singing, oh my!

One of my biggest trepidations when it came to putting both my book and myself out there in order to do this publishing thing was the innate and petrifying fear of rejection.  I mean, everyone goes through it, and it’s simply a part of life.  If you’re ever going to get what you want in … Continue reading

The always dreaded writer’s block…

I read this blog post from today that really hit home with me, especially as I’ve just come down from the stress and thrill of completing my fifth novel, a nearly 500 page beast of a book that was seriously the biggest challenge I have undertaken in…well, ever, really.  And so I totally understood … Continue reading

$0.99 Sale!

Happy Sunday morning everyone…for a limited time only, BREATH OF AIR is on sale for $0.99 on Amazon for Kindle.  Check it out if you haven’t already! Now leaving promotional mode…okay!  So I’m upset at myself for getting wayyyy too distracted yesterday with all this blog creating and networking that I failed to accomplish the … Continue reading

Self-Publishing and other ramblings

I’ve been reading tons of blog posts and articles about just how hard and yet liberating self-publishing can be.  It’s a challenge, that much I’ve learned so far.  You not only have to believe in yourself enough to come up with a book concept, put the words on the page, and then finalize it to … Continue reading