You gotta love FREE ebooks!!

Alright guys, I’m writing to announce that BREATH OF AIR (first of the Dryad Quartet) will be FREE tomorrow, and for tomorrow only.  Yep, free.  It just doesn’t get much better than free ebooks, right? 😀

“Capri’s story of love and loss draws you in and you can’t put it down.” -S. Pemberton

“Breath of Air had me totally captivated from the the very first chapter. Capri is such a wonderful and intriguing character, she will have you reading this book nonstop til the end!” -Tina

“A Breath of Air is just that. Something so refreshing and different.” -D. Kaye

And don’t forget to check out FIREFIGHT IN DARKNESS, second of the Dryad Quartet, newly released to Kindle and in hardcopy 🙂


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