Book Trailers!! Do they help sell a book?

Okay, now this is definitely a question I would love to know the answer to.  Does having a catchy, intriguing, and well made book trailer really help to sell a book?

First of all, I had never even heard of a book trailer until I wrote a book myself and then immersed myself in this Indie Author world of blogs, twitter, facebook, etc.  So as a reader, I had never looked at a book trailer in my entire life (okay, that may not be true, because I do vaguely remember seeing book trailers for the likes of James Patterson and Dean Koontz on TV, and thinking it was strange that they made a trailer for a book lol!).  But seriously, is anybody even watching these things?

A couple of weeks ago, I was browsing some random book blog and I stumbled across a list of book trailers that people had made.  Because I was curious (and because I had recently published a book myself and wanted to see if I could somehow make a book trailer) I watched a bunch of them.  Some were really intense and interesting, others were unfortunately kind of crappy and probably did not do the book any justice.  But I figured that I should probably find a way to make one just in case it was some kind of “indie author necessity” or whatever.

And so, low and behold, my PC has the program Windows Live Movie Maker.  Oh, boy.  I was enthralledby this program for DAYS.  Every hour of my time was spent playing around with this program and building my trailer for my first book, Breath of Air.  WATCH IT HERE:   And when it was all done, I was so totally shocked that I had made it.  I mean, it looked pretty damn professional, what with all the nifty graphics and fade ins and outs and lens flares at the appropriate moments.  And it was all SO easy with this program that had been on my computer all this time that I had never known existed.

It was a voila moment for me.  A light bulb moment, if you will.  So I quickly made another trailer for my second book, and then a third and fourth for all four of my books.  The excitement over the whole thing wore off after spending probably the good part of seven or eight days glued to my computer playing around with these things, but I still made them.

But will they even help my book sell?  Is all that time and effort I put into script writing and picture choosing and music placement going to pay off?  Or will no one really watch it and it’ll just sit on YouTube, alone and forgotten, never having influenced a single sale.  Granted, I had a ton of fun doing it so maybe that makes it all worth it, and I learned a new, valuable skill that I could honestly now employ to help others or just make videos for stuff not even related to my writing.  But still…I really am curious if people really give a damn about book trailers!

All I know for certain is that since I posted my book trailer for Breath of Air on April 24, I’ve had 88 views (and honestly I saw my dad watching it more than once so half of those were probably him lol!).  Sounds pretty sucky, right?  But maybe it’s just that I’m not getting the link out there to enough people for them to see it.  I have it posted on Goodreads, posted on FB, I’ve tweeted the link on Twitter, etc.  Obviously there are more outlets I could be utilizing, and perhaps I will, but even if I do, will it matter?

What has everyone else’s experience been with book trailers?  Have they worked for you?  Did you see a noticeable bump in sales after posting one?

In this crazy hectic competitive world of indie publishing we are all trying to find new and better ways to stand out.  Are book trailers one of those ways?  I guess perhaps its subjective.  Some work, some don’t.  Some intended audiences enjoy trailers, and others maybe don’t.  Who knows!  But I would love to get some feedback from others on what you’ve tried.

In this white wave, I am sinking, in this silence…in this white wave, in this silence I believe…


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