A sneak peak of book two of the Dryad Quartet…

I’m only days away from releasing book two in the Dryad Quartet, Firefight in Darkness, on Amazon in both print and Kindle edition!  I’ve posted the cover already on my Facebook page, but here it is again along with a quick snippet from one of my favorite scenes:

He saw her on the floor, her leg torn and covered in blood, her hands clenched tightly around her pistol and pure, untamed wrath in her eyes.  She was sitting up, her chest heaving, the mirror over the desk shattered to pieces on the floor.  That was when he saw the dark shadow slither across the floor at an impossible speed before stopping and rearing up to face him.  He knew, without even having to confirm it, who the demon was.  There was just something infinitely more evil about him that resonated through the air.  Dante glared up at him, eyes red and burning, before making his retreat.


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